Apple iPhone - Carrier + SimLock

Only 15 digit Number (dial *#06# for IMEI Number)


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Carrier + SimLock (S4) (IMEI )

- NOT ACCURATE FOR IPAD. Use Carrier+Country for iPads!
Bonus, include Gsma Blacklist 99,8% Accurate(use Blacklist check for 100% accurate)
- Shows the Carrier and Sim-lock Status for Apple Devices.
- Unlocked devices will show Carrier: Unlock.



Model: IPhone XS Max 256GB Gold
IMEI: 357270096XXXXXX
IMEI2: 357270096XXXXXX
Serial Number: F2LXKSXXXXXX
Carrier: US Xenon/Xfinity Locked Policy
SimLock Status: Locked
Blacklist Status: Blacklisted